Eye, Eye, Cap'n

PC + HTC Vive
VR Austin Jam 2018
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In this “anti-VR” game designed for the 2018 VR Austin Game Jam, the player is tasked with the goal of shooting one of their eyes through hoops laid out across a pirate ship’s deck.

Designed by a small team over 48 hours, this experiment into breaking one of the most important rules of virtual reality - never unlinking the the player's eyes - was a lot of fun to play around with.

What I Did

I designed much of the environment, including the skybox, the water, the sun, and the barrels.

I also experimented with diegetic UI. Since a standard number display that instantaneously changes its value wouldn't make sense on a pirate ship, I challenged myself to come up with a type of physical number display that would be appropriate. I designed, modeled, and textured the score machine, which can display four digits on rotating cylinders.

Credit for the spark VFX and cute pirate atop the machine goes to my friend, Aislynn.

30 Second Trailer

2 Minute Playthrough